Can I get a mid-century look with luxury vinyl floors?

Can I get a mid-century look with luxury vinyl floors?

Mid-century looks are trendy and exciting, especially when paired with a similar décor scheme that solidifies the overall look. The appearance is easy to establish with luxury vinyl tile and plank, and we’re going to tell you more about it in today’s post, so read along with us here.

The best luxury vinyl plank and tile for your décor needs

Covering an era from the early 1930s until the late 1960s, the mid-century design highlights clean lines, simplicity, and a lack of excess ornamentation. Contrasts and textures did most of the work to set the stage for a sleek look focused on warm tones, light colors, and lots of patterns.

When choosing luxury vinyl plank and tile with a wood look, you’ll want to focus on straight grains, smooth textures, and light wood colors. The tile look is perfect for this era and décor scheme, as is a natural stone, especially looks such as terrazzo, slate, travertine, and limestone.

High variation looks, primarily black and white, were also popular and can be recreated easily. The same can be said for warm colors, especially those that contrast with one another slightly, so be sure to stop by and find out more about your options today.

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