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Everything you want to know about area rugs and stair runners

Area rugs provide style, color, visual interest, and function. There are also plenty of reasons to use a stair runner, from adding a safety component to creating a beautiful focal point. Here are some tips from Wholesale Carpet Designs, an area rug retailer in Vernon Hills, IL.

Advantages of area rugs:

  • They reduce noise. Hard surfaces don't absorb vibrations the way fabric does, so the vibrations just bounce off the walls. Many people layer an area rug over their hard surface to not only add color and texture but to get rid of the noise.
  • Comfort. Ever notice how your back and legs might start to ache when walking or standing in a shopping mall? That’s because the flooring is usually a hard surface and that won’t absorb impact. Your body will, though, and you’ll feel the difference between a soft and hard surface.
  • Divide and define. Many layouts have one room for both the living/dining space. Separate the areas with coordinating rugs. You can also use this idea for room corners or small apartments.
  • They help you save money. Sometimes a rug has too much sentimental value for you to part with it, even when it’s worn and frayed. Some, like oriental rugs, are also costly and difficult to replace. Have them made up into smaller, scatter rugs.

When you buy an area rug, be sure it’s large enough to fit under major pieces of furniture, such as sofas or coffee tables, with at least 12-18-inches sticking out on the floor. If that’s not possible, it should be placed so that it is anchored by the furniture’s two front legs. In the bedroom, you can place a runner on each side of the bed.
Stylish area rugs in Lincolnshire, IL from Wholesale Carpet Designs

Advantages of a stair runner

They don't cover the entire width of a stair, and the runner is usually placed over hardwood or tiled stairs. They come in all colors, patterns, and sizes and add a stylish, finished look to the stair. There's also the safety issue. Hard surfaces can be slippery, and this creates a safer place to walk and absorbs noise, making those trips up and down the stairs a lot quieter.

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