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The two things that impact the selection of carpet floors

Shopping for any flooring is exciting, but a bit overwhelming. After all, it’s a big investment for your home, so you want to get it right the first time around. There are two main things you should know about carpet flooring: fiber and carpet pile. Once you have a good understanding of them, everything else will fall in place.

What is the carpet pile?

It refers to the fabric loops, and most styles have a high or low carpet pile. High means long loose fibers, as in styles like the shag and frieze. Low means short, tightly woven threads, such as the Berber style or a cut and loop. The Saxony falls somewhere in the middle, and it works with any decor.

Natural vs synthetic fibers

They both have plenty of advantages. Selection will ultimately depend upon your lifestyle, needs, and budget. While there are blends, the five most common fibers include wool, which is all-natural. Wool is glamorous, fluffy, white, and somewhat pricey. Don't be too worried about the all-white color; it has natural oils that give it inherent stain resistance.

The rest are synthetics. Nylon is well-known for ultra strength. It also has exceptional resilience, which means it will always “bounce back” into place. A little absorbent, nylon always comes with a stain protector. While polyester is less resilient than nylon, it is hydrophobic, meaning that it will not absorb and has excellent resistance to stains.

Olefin is an economical fiber with excellent stain resistance. It is most often associated with the Berber, a loop. Loops use the strongest part of the fiber so the Olefin-Berber is strong. Triexta is a relative newcomer. It's not only strong but has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber, making it a good choice for homes with pets and messy kids.
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Please don’t skimp on padding. It’s a common practice, especially with the Big Boxes, to just throw something in the bag. Even though you can’t see it, padding is important, protecting the rug and providing cushioning. Ask your carpet flooring retailer about the right one for your rug because if it’s too thick, it can harm your soft surface.

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