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Countertops: Major player in kitchen and bathroom remodeling

You can freshen your kitchen and bath just by changing the counters. While many think of cabinets as the star, the countertops take the lead when it comes to setting the style of a room. Wholesale Carpet Designs is a top remodeling service in the area; feel free to stop into our showroom so our experts can tell you more.

First, design what you want the room to say

Countertops have a personality all their own. There’s a big color palette, a wide assortment of patterns and designs, as well as many materials from which to choose. Remember, you can also add drama by combining some materials and other furnishings, such as adding a few accent tiles or designing a sensational floor-to-ceiling backsplash that wraps around the counter or open shelving.

What you select will depend on your style, needs, and budget. One common, budget-friendly material is laminate. While it was once considered to be sort of a "step-sister" in the design world, it now comes in a myriad of colors, patterns, and designs. You can make anything from monochromatic or playful design creations. Laminate counters are durable, but avoid excess water, as they can de-laminate.
Stone adds architectural appeal and a sense of luxury. Granite counters are the signature of 5-star hotels; it's also very hard and holds up to heat. Marble is also opulent but must be sealed, as it's porous.

Mother Nature got a little help with quartz. Most kitchen counters are quartzite, which means it includes about five percent resin. That manufacturing process makes it indestructible, easy to clean, and one of the most sanitary materials for the kitchen. Other materials are solid surfacing, a faux marble synthetic; concrete; tile, and paint.
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A word about the backsplash

Although they can be made from anything, tile is still the first choice when it comes to the backsplash. Ceramic tiles come glazed or unglazed in an almost unlimited number of colors, patterns, designs, sizes, and shapes. Mix and match them to create a personalized design. Backsplashes are a design tool that, when coordinated with floor, counters, and cabinets, makes a stunning focal point.

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